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 We have a passion for beautiful spaces. 

Throckmorton Designs started nearly a decade ago as Small Planet Gardens, a company dedicated to beautiful and functional residential landscapes.  I built every planter box, dug each hole, and found ways to create spaces for chickens and dogs in small urban plots while keeping aesthetic ideals high.  My attention to detail and demand for perfection in those early days still influences my decisions when choosing contractors to work with in implementing designs.  I only work with reputable and skilled masons, lighting specialists, and lawn care professionals.  My designs are only as good as the contractors chosen to help build and maintain them.

As my business grew, I took on more commercial projects, and that led me to expand into interiors.  Design runs in my family, and my father, co-founder of Webb Throckmorton and Associates, a KC local firm for nearly 40 years, has helped me branch out and incorporate interior projects into the scope of what we do.

Our company is still small, so costs remain low.  We have a dedication to practical and beautiful solutions, and we hold onto traditional practices like drafting by hand and meeting in person.  Just like we take the time to vet all the craftspeople we work with for landscaping, all of our furniture vendors have earned our respect through years of providing great products and services.

While our primary services include landscape design for both residential and commercial spaces and furniture sourcing for commercial spaces, we have the experience and relationships to help you with so much more.  If it isn't something we can help with, still give us a call.  We will do our best to point you in the right direction.

James Throckmorton


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